Professional Testimonials

Mary Ng Tedjasukmana, LCSW, PLLC
Our Supervisor & Counselor


Mary is a exceptional person whom I have known for nearly two decades. She is a naturally gracious and kind person who is always ready to help those with needs. She has endured much adversities in her youth and overcome many obstacles to achieve her current career goal as an empathic and insightful therapist. It truly has been a privilege and blessing to have come to know Mary.

Dr. Yong Lin, MD, Associate VP, CLinical Lead of Kevzara (Sarilumab), Immunology& Inflammation at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals


“I am so thankful to have you as a friend for about 10 years! I have always been able to talk to you about anything with no judgement and pure honesty. I’ve never known you to hide your true feelings, which has always made our friendship easy. You have shown me how any problem can be handled and addressed with understanding. I’ve seen you be understanding and kind to people even when they have hurt you and I admire you for that. You are a strong and loving person, and if you carry even half of your personal traits into the work you do, I know you’ll be amazing and help so many people! I love you, hun!

Sincerely yours, Krystal Green, MPH, Healthcare Service Corporation, Illinois, Chicago”


“Mary is one of the most compassionate, emphatic, hardest working people I have ever met. I had the privilege of working with her at Bellevue hospital where she was loved and respected by all! Some people were just born to do this work. Mary is one of those people.

Marjorie de Veer, LICSW, Founder;  TCK Services, LLC, Bogota, Columbia

Mary’s sincere and caring nature makes me feel less like a client and more like an individual that is understood for my unique qualities. Her strength and wisdom as a person puts her in a class by her self and gives her the edge over others in her field. She’s truly one of a kind.

-The Artist Ken Lee-, EMT,  St. Barnabas Medical Center. Edison, NJ


If wonderful had a name it would be Mary. All situations, whether it’s difficult or easy, Mary would approach the situation with great professionalism and confidence due to her passion for her work. Thank you for being you.

Dominick S. , Head of Concierge, NY, NY.


“I have known Mary for the last four years when I first started working at Chinese-American Sunshine House (CSH). During her contribution to CSH, she has volunteered to facilitate peer support groups for High School students, and given various presentations to the Chinese immigrant community. Mary has generously given up her time to present at our press conferences to bring awareness and psychological understanding on current community tragic events. When CSH was short in staff, Mary volunteered to present at Light and Love Home’s Summer Youth Employment Services (YES) program. She is an exemplary individual who always tries to help the community to the best of her abilities. Due to Mary’s dedication to CSH’s mission to improve the mental health in the Brooklyn community, New York State Assemblyman Peter Abbate awarded Mary a New York State Assembly Citation Award as an outstanding individual who merits special recognition for dedicated service for CSH. Mary’s passion for social work truly is transparent in her hard work and dedication to the community. In addition, she shows a special compassion, loving kindness, and professionalism through her personality when she interacts with every person she encounters. She inspires others to be the best that they can be to help others through setting herself as a good example.

Winnie Hu, Program Director, Chinese-American Sunshine House, Brooklyn, N.Y. “



“I had the pleasure of encountering Mrs. Ng 20+ years ago; when she was only 14 , walking in for a volunteer position where I was the Director in Volunteer Services of what was formerly The NY Beekman Downtown Hospital. Throughout the years I begin to collaborate even more so- in our big, yet so small Asian Community connecting in different affairs. Her social work talents coming just so naturally; a true Psychotherapist and an endless learner, graduating from the Center for Modern Psychoanalytic Studies. Her steadfast motivation and dedication at such a young age is palpable, moving and inspirational; thus, without any hesitation, I would recommend Mrs. Mary Ng-Tedjasukmana, LCSW.

Best,  Teresa Lin, MBA Director, Cultural Market Development Initiatives
Visiting Nurse Service of New York, Jackson Heights, NY ”


“I have had the enormous privilege to work with Mary Ng years ago at Bellevue Hospital.  Years later, I still consider her to be among the most empathetic, warm, talented and truly committed clinicians I know.   She is one of the first people I think of when asked for a strong referral.  Her clients are very lucky to have her.  When considering working with a therapist, I highly recommend Mary Ng.

Aimee Barr, LCSW, Psychotherapy Private Practice, Educator, Advocate, N.Y, N.Y.”



“Mary is a loving friend, a responsible family member, and a caring professional. She continues her path to excellence, putting her all into her position in every organization she is involved in. She has continued proving herself to be a truly well-rounded, humble and resilient individual. I truly believe that she is very deserving of the honor of being  the therapist, supporter and  mentor of one who care for success, growth, and happiness.

Miramique Burgos-Rivera, M.S Health Services Management and Policy, Richmond, N.Y.”



“I had the pleasure of working with Mary through the Academy of Medical & Public Health Services in her role as a Board member with the Chinese-American Sunshine House. Mary is one of the most compassionate and hard-working social workers I have met, never faltering to deliver an open ear and a big heart. Her empathy and passion for the community touch me and everyone around her. She constantly emphasizes culturally-sensitive care as a pathway to helping her patients better understand themselves and their mental health and never fails to deliver upon her word. Mary will always make you smile — she is just one of those people who constantly bears positive energy; you can’t help but feel comfortable in her care and in her presence. I have no reservations in recommending her for any client seeking psychotherapy; her genuine and empathetic demeanor will make you feel at peace to share your stories and your goals.

Mon Yuck Yu, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff, Academy of Medical & Public Health Services, Brooklyn, N.Y.”



“It was 10+  years ago; when Mary walked in as a new social worker for the Adult Inpatient Psychiatry Unit. She appeared so young, yet so studious and full of life. She appeared so quiet, yet so enthusiastic, so proactive and positive, something very important for the populations we serve-the mentally ill. She is a friendly and approachable, always making sure others were at ease. Her communication and organizational skills are prime! At such a young age, I am amaze at what she is able to deliver both personally and professionally. We had the pleasure to work together in the “blue team” for 4 years and grew the title of “wifeys” symbolizing mutual integrity and sincerity.  She amplifies my flow, always going above and beyond of what was expected. It was such a liking to work with this young passionate individual who demonstrated such care to not only the patients she served, but to their families. Her warm and whole hearted characteristics and love for others was just so infectious, it’s contagious. I am ever so proud. She is a true winner and successor and one who without a doubt I would recommend.  You would feel the same if given an opportunity to meet her.

Best, Dr. Irina Kiblitsky M.D., Attending Psychiatrist, Private Practice, Brooklyn, N.Y.”


Mary was part of my patient care team with Mary. I had always found her as  caring, efficient and empathetic. She demonstrated much competence in developing and maintaining therapeutic alliances with extremely mentally ill patients, often complicated by serious medical illness. She would never say no to any work related request, and usually would be the first to offer help. Her consistent follow up with importances to cultural competent care, empowered patients and family to better understand their illness and find healthier ways to work through obstacles. Her warm approachable ways reflect patients overwhelmingly positive feedback. Such passion, proved to be humble, dedicated, trustworthy and passionate. I would recommend her without a heart beat.

Truly Yours, Usman Syed Riaz, M.D., Resident Psychiatrist, Nassau University Medical Center, East Meadows, N.Y. ”



“It is through the support of my colleagues and in particular Mary Ng that has helped me establish my voice as a social worker. Through out my professional life, she has been a mentor and role model for professionalism in the social work field. Mary’s mentorship of young social workers has embolden and given hope to a new generation. I have had the privilege of collaborating with her on obtaining services for clients. As a clinician she acts with tremendous thoughtfulness as evidenced by her client interactions, case notes and mentorship of new social workers. She is a community activist and leader while also providing such specificity of care for her individual clients. Most importantly, Mary is compassionate and engages clients with an open heart. For me, the most impact aspect of Mary’s mentorship has been our work together on the NY Coalition for Asian American Mental Health. The core mission of the work is to build awareness for the mental health needs within the Asian community. Throughout our work together Mary not only built alliances across agencies, but also across individual interaction. With such dedication, you’re doubtlessly in good hands!

Warmest Regards,  Yie Foong, LCSW,  LiveOnNY, N.Y, N.Y.”



“I had the pleasure of working with Mary a couple years ago at NYU Lutheran Hospital, and through first-hand observation, I can honestly say that I hold her in the highest esteem both personally and professionally. Mary has an analytical mind, and her approach is methodical, logical as well as intuitive. Her delivery is direct and succinct. Her strength lies in her ability to empathize while maintaining a professional distance. While Mary has compassion and sensitivity for the human struggle, she can observe it with a detachment that helps her see what the client is unable to see for themselves. I have had such confidence in her skills that I still call her to seek her help for many of our patients.  Above all else, her knowledge and effective therapy, the approach of counseling from a cognitive-behavioral view, helping her patients to see the thought and behavioral patterns that had previously been causing them issues. She is a friendly and approachable therapist with a knack for making people feel at ease. Her communication and organizational skills are top-notch, I have no doubt you will find her to be a good fit for your needs and an excellent Mental Health Therapist.

Best, Dr. Shahana Ayub, M.D. Psychiatry Resident, Drexel Hahnemann University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA”



“I first met Mrs. Ng in 2012 at our Asian American Coalition for Mental Health, Young Professionals meeting. Ms. Ng was already a co-chair of the group and right away presented an aura of authenticity and passion whenever she spoke about social work and serving others with mental health issues. She has taken the initiative to diversify herself by working with different ethnic groups and populations, from hospital settings, social agencies, mental health institutions, to  her own private practice. Whenever Ms. Ng engages a new patient she always provide them with as much assistance both in locating resources and psychotherapy, as possible. Furthermore not only has Ms. Ng worked very hard with her individual patients , she has also made a huge influence within the Asian and Asian American community within New York City such as running and assisting fundraiser events for her Chinese Psycho social club which has help enrich lives of many Asians and Asian Americans who struggle with mental illness. I truly believe that she represents how influential and important a social worker can be when they authentically are about their patients and the community as a whole.

Sincerely, Jason La, LCSW,   Brightpoint Health, Queens, N.Y. ”

Supervisee Testimonials:
Mary was my clinical supervisor and helped me grow as a clinician. I was always comfortable going to her when I was struggling with something, as she was always very patient and kind. I appreciate Mary’s guidance very much!